"Why do your toys never go on sale?"

I’m glad you asked!

‘Sales’ encourage you to make hasty decisions on products you don’t really want just so you don’t miss out on a ‘bargain’. Take toys for example...how many of the toys bought cheaply will your kids still be playing with next week, let alone next year? We believe that purchasing our toys should be a conscious and thoughtful decision you make for the benefit of your child’s emotional and physical growth and development and not one based on clever marketing, the latest fad or fear of missing out on a deal.

We have no intention to ever have a sale or discount our toys. We do, however, like to reward your loyalty and from time to time will offer a gift voucher towards your next purchase when you buy our toys. We will also give you plenty of time to consider your purchase and not rush you into it.

Our toys are made to be used and loved for a lifetime and for generations to come. They are proper toys like the ones we grew up playing with. Our toys are an investment in your child’s development both emotionally and physically which is why we like our customers to have plenty of time to think about their purchase. We really do have the best customers! You appreciate the quality of our toys, the fact they are Australian designed and made and sustainably sourced.

Jake & Dom x

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