Our Story

I picture a world for my children where they can crawl across the lounge room floor lost in their imagination, soar around the dining room table swept up in their latest adventure and explore the unknown depths of their bedroom where creativity is in overdrive. I want for them what I had as a child; unstructured, proper play time. Making memories, learning and developing skills to set them up for a lifetime.

After endless playtime with my son, I designed and made him a plane and a rocket, a castle and an ark so that his boundless imagination could expand even further. These first few toys quickly turned into another set for my nephews and nieces in time for Christmas. A few months later I was making small batches for my extended family and friends, and I loved seeing other families benefit from what I had created. Then in the middle of 2016, under wet and windy skies at the local designer markets, we launched Have A Nice Day and the first collection of seven toys.

As a father, I appreciate the importance and challenges of giving your children the right environment to grow and develop into curious, creative and confident people. Carefully selected toys entice and stimulate kids as they learn about themselves and the world around them. As a designer, I believe that great toys should adjust and grow with your child as their curiosity and skills evolve.

My wife, Dom and I take great pride in creating high quality wooden toys that we can proudly put our names to. Toys which offer textural stimulation, encourage active play and develop coordination, imagination, social skills and cognitive development.

From that unforgettable first day for Have A Nice Day and as our little family grows, so will our range of toys. We create toys to be enjoyed by children and their parents, so together you can explore the universe from within a cubby constructed with bed sheets, or enjoy shared secrets with teddies and dolls in special hiding places in your young one's bedroom. Every day, our kids come up with new ways to play and interact with their environment. Seeing this development in my kids, and yours, and knowing that our toys have contributed to their growth and creative development is powerful and exciting.

View our range of toys here to consider the playful possibilities.

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