Our Mission

To strengthen the bond between parents and their kids. Helping them feel proud and connected to their creative and confident kids.

Our Values

We have built our family business based on our individual values and the ones we’ve consciously set for our family. As parents, we believe that ‘time’ is the most important thing we can give our children. As parents, our most valuable assets are our children and we need to be aware of how much time they need from us to grow and develop into confident, kind and balanced little people.

The main values we see as important to our family and business are set around spending quality time with our family and friends. And if our toys can facilitate some of this quality time together, then we as parents want you to experience the same feelings of love and wonderment with your kids.

Kindness and Respect
Kindness is best learned through experiencing it. When we are shown kindness and gratitude, our bodies release chemicals that enhance our positivity and improves our mood. We sleep better, our attention span improves and our willingness to learn and think creatively all increases when we feel better about ourselves. Our respect for others and ourselves naturally stems from how we and our kids perceive the world we’re surrounded by.

In every aspect of everything we do. We take pride in how we present ourselves and in the work we produce. The quality of our products comes from the importance and value we see they provide to a curious and developing mind.

The safety of our kids is our greatest concern. And as parents and manufacturers of kids toys, we understand the safety of your kids is equally as important. We have thoroughly considered every safety concern parents have. We know the glue in the plywood is safe to have around kids and their families, we sand and round over all the edges so it’s more comfortable in their fingers and the toys are so robust they won't break and cause injuries.

Kids have short attention spans and are impatient by nature. When we display patience before reacting to situations, we think and problem solve clearer. Building toys, problem solving and following instructions together can demonstrate patience and self control to our children and will show them an alternative reaction to a frustrating situation.

Confidence in a child comes from experiencing new and challenging situations and learning from their outcomes. When a child feels there is love, trust and support from a parent or guardian in certain situations, their confidence is greater. This gives them the confidence to keep exploring and creating as they grow.

When we spend time with our kids we are able to guide and counsel them through challenges. They learn resilience and respect through how we treat others and how we respond to stressful situations. Letting a child lead the time you spend together deepens your bond and opens communication (which is great for you) but also results in a more settled, secure, confident and cooperative little human (which is great for you and them, double win!).

You do not need to treat every moment of your time with children as an opportunity to teach them, but remember, they will always be learning and growing from your time together.