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Have A Nice Day Studio works closely with clients to develop and commercialise their ideas. With a focus on the kids industry, we work with you to refine your ideas to a commercially viable concept and then quickly move to a working prototype. Our approach is to get a product in the best hands for feedback as soon as possible. Prototypes are made either in-house by us or sourced locally. Production quantities can be produced in-house, sourced from manufacturers in Australia or overseas depending on individual circumstances.

Have A Nice Day’s own toys are developed with the same approach. Ideas are drawn up and prototyped quickly, sometimes with multiple variations and then given to our kids to watch how they play and interact with them. Design and functional elements can then be combined or enhanced to further improve the product and engagement.

This kids table was designed to encourage kids to pack away after an activity like Lego. The tabletop is in two halves, unlocking and rotating the top half reveals 4 holes into which toys can be dropped into 4 plastic tubs underneath. The plastic tubs can easily be removed and the whole table is easily assembled with 4 locking clips.
Standing whilst playing develops balance and improves posture in kids. Even small movements in children can be linked to improved focus and creativity which is beneficial to their development.


What we offer:


  • Work together to define the scope and requirements of the project (the brief)
  • Your main goals for the project, market positioning and strategy
  • Initial material and process consideration


  • Ideas and sketches
  • 3D computer modelling
  • Renderings and presentation


  • Complete prototype (or components of) to test and refine
  • Limited number produced for consumer testing and feedback
  • Manufactured in-house or locally


  • Drawings and documentation for in-house manufacturing
  • Drawings and files for external manufacturing
  • Ongoing support and/or management

Do you have an idea for a new product or have you developed a concept and would like assistance to bring it to life?

Do you currently sell a product that could be improved or revamped? Would you like to reposition yourself in the market or align your product better with your audience?

Have you been asked to provide a certain file type and don’t know how to create it?

Collaboration - Would you like to team up with Have A Nice Day to develop a new product that aligns with both brands?

Jake Diaz - Have A Nice Day Studio

Have A Nice Day Studio is based on the Gold Coast. Fill out the contact form and we’ll arrange a time to talk through your ideas and see what’s possible!

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Have A Nice Day Studio - Wild River CNC Shapes 2 Have A Nice Day Studio - Wild River CNC Shapes 1 Have A Nice Day Studio - Wild River CNC Shapes 3

Have A Nice Day also manufactures products for other brands. Wild River & Co approached us to see if we could produce their shapes at a price point that allowed them to be sold at wholesale. Changing the material to a larger, more premium sheet of timber created efficiencies in the cutting process. We also improved the quality of the cut faces which significantly reduces the time to hand sand and finish the parts before selling. Overall we reduced the cost price of each piece to a point where they are now able to wholesale.



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