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We are passionate about unstructured, proper play time.

It's our mission to help children become HAPPY and CONFIDENT by stimulating their imagination and encouraging creativity and development.

How it all started

Our son was the inspiration for Have A Nice Day’s first range of toys. They were designed to stimulate and challenge him when he built and played with them. The proud look on his face when he assembles them is the best feeling as a parent. A feeling too good not to share with other parents.

What started out as making a few toys for our kids and our nephews and nieces, has grown into a family business with over 100 stockists across Australia.

What’s in it for you?

  • Wholesale Bundles which offer further greater than 100% markup
  • Each weighs less than 500g and they can be shipped in a satchel
  • Packaged unassembled so storage space is kept to a minimum

What makes Have A Nice Day's toys so special?

  • Teaches social skills and patience
  • Active play greatly benefits a child's personal, physical and mental development.
  • A stronger emotional connection to the toy and engaging their senses
  • Strengthens the adult/child connection through encouragement and learning
  • Restores the emotional and behavioural imbalances that are associated with too much technology

For access to our wholesale portal or if you have any questions about becoming a Have A Nice Day stockist, please email wholesale@haveaniceday.com.au.